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The Red Army Choir




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Nowadays, The Red Army Choir are one of the artistic jewels of the Russian Federation, but beyond that, these famous choirs have become universally known, gaining an incredible reputation for their vocal power. A first ensemble was founded in 1929 and directed by Alexander Alexandrov and then by his son Boris. In 1939, was found The Red Army Choir and Ballet Ensemble of the Ministry of Interior. Those two ensembles are the only states groups which was elevated to the rank of Academy! First supporting the morale of Russian soldiers during World War II, especially on the Eastern Front, the MVD Academic Ensemble and Alexandrov Ensemble has toured on stages around the world.

During these past 30 years, the MVD Academic Ensemble have given more than 7,000 representations, in many languages, in front of more than 20 million enthusiastic spectators.

Under the direction of their charismatic conductor General Viktor Eliseev, the MVD Ensemble has performed in more than 50 countries and on the most prestigious stages in China, Japan, Korea, Australia, Germany, France…

As the only Ensemble to receive the "Platinium Stara" on the walk of fame dedicated to the greatest Russian artists, the academy has more than 300 artists (musicians, singers and dancers) of which 50 of them have received the supreme title of "Artist of Honor or Skilled Artist of Russia" (in France it would be Knight of the Arts and Literature Order and the Legion of Honour). The MVD Red Army Choir Ensemble is also the group who performed in front of Pope Jean-Paul II in Rome during the nomination of Boris Yeltsin and then Vladimir Putin and also for the opening of the Moscow Olympic Games. During the year of Russia in France, the ensemble has triumphed on all stages of France in front of more than 200,000 spectators!

General Viktor Eliseev also teaches at the prestigious Tchaikovsky Conservatory of Moscow. Under his direction, the MVD Red Army Choir became the most famous and well-known Russian ensemble on the planet.

Thanks to the charisma and the eclecticism of his conductor who skillfully blends the melodies of traditional Russian folklore, songs of the great patriotic war and the most famous classical tunes or international variety. The MVD Red Army Choir Ensemble is a part, as well as the Bolshoi, the largest Russian show and is a world art treasure!

North & South America: doug@silvascreenusa.com

Europe, Asia & Australia: david@silvascreen.co.uk

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