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Kristoffer Rygg
Jørn H. Sværen
Tore Ylwizaker
Daniel O'Sullivan


Early pioneers of Norwegian black metal, Ulver have continually evolved throughout their career and now stand as living legends of the dark music industry, blending rock, electronic, industrial and symphonic traditions along with ambient soundscapes and experimental sounds to create groundbreaking material.

Last year they released the critically acclaimed Wars Of The Roses album which was described by Zero Tolerance as 'a beautiful record of startlingly powerful depth', and Mojo magazine elaborated 'Ulver's genre-weaving musical noir channels David Sylvian, the ghosts of Coil and Pink Floyd in sumptuous melancholy mode.'

They return with Childhood's End, a collection of classic - mostly obscure - psychedelic tracks recorded by the band over an extended period and a few different sessions; starting in late 2008 and ending in late 2011, 'this is the stuff that we sit at home and get stoked about' explains Kristoffer Rygg in a recent Kscope video interview.

He continues: 'I grew up with parents who were still listening to music from the time, so it informed my childhood, but it has became an ever increasing geeky sort of fetish since then.'

This passion for the Sixties' garage rock and psychedelia, and the countless underground gems that remain unknown to most, inspired the band to record their own interpretations of some of their favourite songs from the era. 'My feeling is that most people's knowledge sort of limits itself to The Doors,' says Rygg, 'The Doors were cool, but there was so much else going on… in the underground, records that got lost and didn't get as much recognition as they deserved in my opinion.'

With this is in mind Ulver hope that Childhood's End will introduce some of this music, and the artists who originally recorded them, to people who previously might not have experienced them, 'we wish to be ambassadors for things that we love and we sort of hope that we can open some gates with the record.'

The album includes Ulver's unique versions of tracks from The 13th Floor Elevators, Electric Prunes, Jefferson Airplane, The Pretty Things along with more obscure choices from Bonniwell’s Music Machine, The United States of America and more.

Silva Screen reps masters for synch in the U.S. & Canada on behalf of Kscope. We can also assist in clearing publishing. Please send licensing inquiries to doug@silvascreenusa.com

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Genre: Rock, Indie Alternative
Mood: Sad, Chilled, Calm, Reflective, Bittersweet, Melancholic, Lonely, Emotional, Poignant, Thoughtful
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Genre: Rock, Pop, Indie Alternative
Mood: Chilled, Romantic, Calm, Bittersweet, Reflective, Warm, Emotional, Sentimental
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Genre: Rock, Indie Alternative
Mood: Energetic, Aggressive, Powerful, Strong, Resolute, Determined, Confident
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Genre: Ambient, Film Music, Singer Songwriters, Rock
Mood: Dark, Mysterious, Weird, Eerie, Strange, Supernatural
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Genre: Rock, Pop, Singer Songwriters, Indie Alternative
Mood: Calm, Chilled, Sad, Reflective, Emotional, Warm, Hopeful, Bittersweet
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Genre: Rock, Indie Alternative
Mood: Energetic, Confident, Uplifting, Positive, Optimistic
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Genre: Orchestral, Film Music, Ambient, Classical
Mood: Dark, Ethereal, Calm, Mysterious, Eerie, Barren, Mournful
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Genre: Rock, Indie Alternative, Psychedelic Progressive Rock
Mood: Energetic, Mysterious, Resolute, Confident, Determined, Strong
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Ulver + Tromsø Chamber Orchestra // ULVER
Norwegian Gothic (from Wars of the Roses) // ULVER
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  • Doug Bussone
    August 28, 2012, 1:02 pm

    “It's all first-stage psychedelic rock. [... These cover versions reward the ambition of the original
    songs,draping them with stateliness.” The New York Times, June 5 2012, Review of Ulver's new album "Childhood's End"