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Frankfurt, Germany


22D Music Group / BStar Records


Toby Breitenbach - Vocals, Guitar
Pogo TS - Bass
Robby Siemens - Drums


BREITENBACH get to the point. The power trio from Frankfurt delivers alternative rock without denying mainstream. Following the debut album "Starting Over" now comes the second album of the band around singer/guitarist Toby Breitenbach: READY WHEN YOU ARE "To Eternity" was released on June 1st, 2012 as the first single off their new album. The song is a toast to geeks, thinkers and those who steadfastly follow their own path and believe in themselves. The second single, "Follow me" describes a look into almost everyones hearts. The voice in your head that takes you into the depths of your own soul, to wake you up in the next moment. The eternal battle between good and evil thoughts. In the last two years Breitenbach supported U.S. bands such as Anberlin and Dance Gavin Dance, stemmed a self-guided tour through Germany and released singles on Toby Breitenbach's own label "Bstar Records", which made it to German radio and TV stations, highlighting in Germany's most known soap-series "Good times, bad times" next to high-profile acts such as Silbermond, MIA, Olly Murs and Rea Garvey. Packed with a strong new album and looking ahead, vocalist/guitarist Toby Breitenbach, drummer Robby Siemens and bassist TS Pogo are ready for more. BREITENBACH - READY WHEN YOU ARE


Toby Breitenbach

Silva Screen reps masters & publishing in the U.S. & Canada o/b/o 22D Music Group

U.S. / Canada: doug@silvascreenusa.com

Europe: soeren@22dmusic.com

Latest Tracks
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Genre: Rock, Metal, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Indie Alternative, Punk
Mood: Energetic, Aggressive, Strong, Exciting, Resolute, Confident
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Genre: Rock, Pop, Folk Country, Country, Indie Alternative
Mood: Energetic, Confident, Uplifting, Positive, Motivational
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Genre: Rock, Metal, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Metalcore, Nu Metal
Mood: Energetic, Confident, Exciting, Resolute, Strong
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Genre: Rock, Folk Rock, Indie Alternative, Pop Soft Rock
Mood: Energetic, Passionate, Bittersweet, Uplifting, Confident, Emotional
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Genre: Rock, Metal, Heavy Metal
Mood: Energetic, Aggressive, Uplifting, Strong, Resolute, Fiery, Confident
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Genre: Rock, Metal, Hard Rock, Indie Alternative, Nu Metal, Punk
Mood: Energetic, Aggressive, Strong, Exciting, Resolute, Confident
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Genre: Rock, Indie Alternative
Mood: Energetic, Uplifting, Positive, Confident, Passionate, Bittersweet
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Genre: Rock, Pop, Indie Alternative
Mood: Energetic, Romantic, Chilled, Bittersweet, Uplifting, Confident, Passionate, Positive
Latest Videos
"Sail Me" (Official Video) // BREITENBACH
"Waiting" (Official Video) // BREITENBACH
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