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The Duke & The King


New York


SO Recordings


Simon Felice
Bobby Bird
Simi Stone
Nowell Haskins


The Duke & The King are a soul-folk-glam ensemble from the sticks of New York founded, produced, and created by Simone Felice and Robert Bird Burke, featuring the sensational Simi Stone and Nowell" Reverend Loveday" Haskins, and like any traveling theatre troupe there's bound to be a growing cast of bewitching characters. Named for the traveling Shakespeare hustlers in 'The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn', these curious band of rebels/rabble have found an unexpected home together, a floating raft adrift on a river of chance, an itinerant church of harmony and sin where its okay to french kiss your cousin and all strays are welcome to come out of the cold and sing along to these songs of love, loss, pathos, and hope. In just a short time since the release of their debut album The Duke & The King have garnered a barrage of international acclaim, earning comparisons to some of pop history's most hallowed acts, from Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young to Smokey Robinson, Fleetwood Mac, Sly & the Family Stone, and Simon & Garfunkel.
Latest Tracks
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Genre: Indie Rock, Rock, Pop, Blues, Folk Country, Indie Alternative, Soul
Mood: Chilled, Romantic, Relaxed, Bittersweet, Warm, Reflective, Seductive
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Genre: Rock, Reggae, Folk Rock, Indie Alternative, Pop Soft Rock
Mood: Chilled, Happy, Positive, Feel Good, Cheerful, Optimistic, Energetic
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Genre: Indie Rock, Rock, Blues, Folk Rock
Mood: Romantic, Chilled, Sad, Relaxed, Bittersweet, Lonely, Melancholic, Reflective, Warm, Blue, Intimate, Nostalgic
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Genre: Rock, Folk Country, Indie Alternative
Mood: Happy, Chilled, Bright, Optimistic, Uplifting, Warm, Positive
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Genre: Indie Rock, Rock, Folk Country, Folk Rock, Indie Alternative, Pop Soft Rock
Mood: Romantic, Sad, Chilled, Melancholic, Reflective, Lonely, Nostalgic, Bittersweet, Sentimental, Intimate, Emotional, Poignant, Warm, Tender, Blue, Introspective, Calm, Dreamy, Thoughtful, Peaceful, Soft
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Genre: Indie Rock, Rock, Pop, Folk Country, Indie Alternative
Mood: Sad, Chilled, Romantic, Bittersweet, Melancholic, Lonely, Reflective
Latest Placements
Electric Ireland // Shine On You // The Duke & The King
Latest Videos
The Duke & The King - Shaky // The Duke & The King
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