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London Music Works

Latest Tracks
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Adam Greenup;London Music Works
Genre: Television, Children Jingle, Country
Mood: Happy, Cheerful, Positive, Bright, Uplifting, Optimistic
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Brian Westrin [vocal], London Music Works
Genre: Blues, Pop, Rock, Folk Country
Mood: Energetic, Happy, Uplifting, Confident, Excited, Positive
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Brian Westrin;London Music Works
Genre: Rock, Pop, Pop Soft Rock
Mood: Energetic, Uplifting, Motivational, Confident, Resolute
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Brian Westrin;London Music Works
Genre: Television, Film Music, Ambient
Mood: Dark, Mysterious, Ominous, Eerie, Suspenseful
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Dan Winters;London Music Works
Genre: Film Music, Ambient, Classical
Mood: Energetic, Epic, Dark, Intense, Powerful, Serious, Heroic
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Helena Blackman;Craig Rhys Barlow;London Music Works
Genre: Film Music, Pop
Mood: Romantic, Sentimental, Warm, Tender, Loving
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Herbie Russ;London Music Works
Genre: Television, Rock, Blues Rock
Mood: Energetic, Confident, Resolute, Uplifting, Strong, Powerful
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Genre: Western, Folk Country, Blues Rock, Pop Soft Rock
Mood: Romantic, Sentimental, Loving, Passionate, Warm
Latest Placements
"Noir" RALPH LAUREN | The Fall/Winter 2022 Collection | An Evening with Ralph Lauren // London Music Works
Latest Videos
Dove "It's the Hard Knock Life" Super Bowl LVIII (58) 2024 Commercial // London Music Works
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